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Steel Seal Review - Toyota Lucida 2003

Following our telephone conversation today regarding the treatment of my Toyota Lucida 2003 Turbo Diesel 2.2 ltr, I am delighted to say that my engine which which had suffered head gasket failure is now working perfectly. Toyota cars from own experience do suffer head gasket problems and whilst being wonderful vehicles it is a major weakness. I have had two headgasket problems with previous Toyota models whilst on holiday in Europe resulting in transport back to the UK. I think it would be a sensible precaution for older cars to carry a bottle of Steel Seal in there cars for the possibility of such a breakdown occurring. For several weeks prior to the head gasket blowing I had noticed difficulty in starting and a roughness in the engine until it warmed up.

There was also white smoke from the exhaust which should have been the warning sign to me of the problem to come. When the gasket went the vehicle was engulfed in white steam and returned home on breakdown truck after confirmation of the fault by an engineer. Being an old car , but one that liked very much t was a difficult choice as to whether or not to have the rebuild done or scrap the vehicle. I had a quote for £1300 to rebuild and so decided on scrapping. By pure chance I received a leaflet about Steel Seal from one of your suppliers Ametec and it sounded too good to be true. As I use their Restore product in all my cars, I spoke to them about Steel Seal and decided I had nothing to lose as it came with money back guarantee. I followed the clear and easy instructions which involved draining and flushing the radiator by removing lower hose and filling with a mixture of Steel Seal, Ethylene Glycol Anti freze and water.

The engine was then run until hot and left to cool 2 more times. The result was instant and the engine starts and runs smoothly with no emissions from the exhaust, temperature normal and no water loss. I AM TRULY AMAZED. Like every other user I was sceptical of the claims being made for it. The old adage of “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is!” does not apply in this case. During our conversation I told you that my Company was a major supplier of Motor Accesories to HALFORDS. We supplied their own branded Battery Chargers for about 20 years.

I believe that there would be a very real opportunity for Halfords to sell the product as a safety product for people to carry in their cars when travelling long distances as well as for use when their head gasket blows as an alternative to an expensive repair at a garage. It would be necessary for a responsible company like Halfords to be fully confident that the Steel Seal is as effective as we know it is and therefore I would be happy for you to use my information as a recommendation and would be delighted to advise Halfords of my findings if they wish to verify it. As a multiple classic car owner I will be adding my recommendations to the car club forums. I wish you lots of success with what appears to be an excellent product.

Trevor Spero

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