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Vauxhall Omega 2.2L Auto Estate Petrol 2001 (Y)

Well like many others I was extremely sceptical about this product and its claims. However I found myself in a predicament. I had a car that I really needed as I was in the middle of moving house. I certainly couldn't afford a large garage bill, I didn't have the time to strip the cylinder-head so my only option was to buy this product.
After an hour or so of surfing the web reading about this product I decided to call my local parts store. He confirmed that he had some in stock so I went to purchase it. The salesman was very helpful stating that they had sold hundreds of bottles and didn't recall anyone coming back asking for a refund.
This was endorsement enough for me from a man/store that I have trusted for many years and so I bought a bottle of Steel Seal.
My issue was miss-fire on cylinder #4 resulting in lumpy tick-over and very little power under load (i.e. In gear). There was white smoke (water vapour) coming from the exhaust which I knew wasn't oil.
So I drained a couple of litres of coolant from the radiator and emptied the contents of the bottle into the radiator. I then put the heater on max heat and power then started the car. Within 45-60 seconds the water vapour from the exhaust had stopped and the engine was running smooth.
I left the car at tick-over for the advised amount of time (one hour) then switched it off and left it overnight to cool. I came to the car in the morning, topped up the expansion tank with anti-freeze, fired it up and drove to work with no issues at all.
So far it has only been three days but with no loss of coolant and a smooth responsive engine I am happy to say Steel Seal did exactly what it says on the bottle.
If you have an issue with your cylinder head and you are dubious about using this product then don't be. It is an excellent product that will not disappoint. I will have no issues recommending this product to anyone with cylinder head issues.
A massive thanks to Steel Seal for this product. It saved me Hundreds of £££'s and put a smile on my face at a very difficult time.

David Ward
Wigan, Lancashire

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Why Steel Seal?

Because Steel Seal simply repairs blown head gaskets, cracked blocks and warped heads and comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee for when in the unlikely event it fails to do so.


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