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Head Gasket Repair - Steel Seal
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 by mohammed khan

Losing Coolant for a good few weeks, noticed milky oil on dipstick.
Followed instructions, poured in contents and 700 miles later no coolant loss!
Seems to have sorted out the problem well worth a try saved £500 garage bill.

 by Jay mill

Ive just bought a van, all good until a hundred miles in and it’s billowing white smoke/steam. My mechanic/friend advised me on using this product before spending a ridiculous amount on an engine rebuild and I am amazed and delighted that this stuff has worked. I will be recommending this must have miracle cure!!!

 by Kirk Martin


Tried that stuff in the blue bottle, seems to have made things worse! As before all that was happening was loss of water, in the expansion tank. After putting in that blue bottle, I had back pressure and the water system was losing over 2 litres of water on a short drive... I thought that was it!!!

I flushed the water out of the system 3 times, I wanted to make sure that it was as clean as it could be. I put in the blue antifreeze as instructed. Added a complete bottle of Steel Seal! I saw the difference right away! No tiny bubbles making a foam bath just keeping pressure the same as usual. Normally the expansion tank would fill up but even this has not happened!. So far everything looks fine! Hopefully this is all I need to do!

 by Anthony Ward

I had been told by the garage “ There was no hope of an easy fix “ to cure a spurting leak from the heater take off point on the engine block that was heavily corroded. With 125,000 miles and 14 years old it could have been easier to scrap it, except it had an LPG conversion and nobody would touch it!! So against everyone’s advice I purchased a bottle of Steel Seal and followed the instructions....There is now no leak!! In fact 3 weeks on and it is still bone dry. I have a video of the before and after if you are interested.tut

 by Mr J Eaton
4th Cylinder Gasket Failed

I have a 2000 range rover p38. This has been reliable and given no trouble since i,ve owned it. 2 weeks ago i hit a pigeon. Should have caused no problems. But sitting in the car wash lights bells came on and the engine was over heating. Turned the engine off. By the time the car wash finished temp was back to normal. My house was a mile away. Just made it home. Lifted the bonnet and the header tank was spitting steam O dear not good. When the engine cooled checked only lost half litre of coolant replaced went for a drive but half a mile and up came the warning lights. Got back home lifted bonnet and steam spitting from header tank . Checked engine and the engine fan was badly damaged. Went to buy a head gasket set and Auto shop recommended STEEL SEAL . Not much difference in price of the head gasket set. But as my car is a 4.6 litre i needed 3 bottles. So i read the instructions and found number 4 cylinders gasket had failed. So i drained the radiator and engine, flushed it.
Then put in the 3 bottles of STEEL SEAL topped up with coolant. Started the engine and waited the hour. Turned off the engine and let it cool over night. Started the car no problems went for a drive keeping close to home just in case. But no problems. I then did about 50 miles over the next few days with no problems. I checked the engine and all systems are ok the leak on number 4 cylinder gone. So i went to my daughters about a 178 mile round trip and the engine is running great. Ps i did replace the damaged fan that caused the over heating.
But the STEEL SEAL is a very good product and works. It does exactly what it says on the bottle.
Thank you STEEL SEAL. A very happy customer.
Mr J Eaton


 by Anonymous

Cant believe it works to be honest saved me a fortune and the car being scrapped