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Buying a car isn't just an investment but something that requires careful thought. The automotive market is an ocean of choice and when you are in the position for a new vehicle sometimes you can feel there is too much choice. Here a just a few questions purchasers should be thinking about.

  • What kind of car do I want?
  • What and can I afford?
  • What do I need a vehicle for?
  • What will I need two years from now?
  • Do I want the car for its looks or something that makes my life easier?
  • Will the car be a commuter vehicle?
  • Will I be able to transport children?
  • Would there be something more suitable for a growing family?
  • Should the car be a four or two wheel drive?
  • Rear or front wheel drive?
  • What kind of roads will I be driving most frequently?


These are just a snip of the questions buyers ask so let's try and answer them.

  • Go through magazines as well as consumer reports and unbiased opinions to get a clear picture of what real drivers and owners are saying about the range of cars you are looking into.
  • Calculate finances and work out what you are comfortable with spending each month. An advised amount often mentioned is that a car should not cost more than 10 percent of your net pay each month.
  • Don't be afraid to haggle, haggling will get you a good deal so never be afraid to ask for a discount if paying in full or if you bought today would there be a discount. The automotive market is a competitive one so be sure to check dealer finance, high street finance, internet lenders as well as other options.
  • Before you finalize a purchase find out what the target price is. Large discounts are available with almost every new vehicle.
  • Find out what incentives are on offer for purchases. These vary from sound/audio systems to cash back deals and 0 percent financing. Ask what extras will cost in addition to the total price of the vehicle.
  • Try and ensure a large down payment reducing the loan repayment. Work out your finances to keep the loan down to the shortest possible period.
  • Check the contract thoroughly. Read the fine print and be sure that paying off the balance early will not carry any fees or hidden costs.
  • Be sure to have your old car independently valued, use websites and compare all options if you are looking at part exchange or a trade in.
  • Find out about warranties, tyres, service costs, fuel MPG, taxes, and insurance. These can eat into your budget.
  • Never sign any forms without thoroughly reading them. Try and get finance from a separate, independent company or bank considering the interest.
  • Take your time and go to several dealers and let them know you are spending a few days going around, this will encourage them to offer discounts but at the same time tell them that you are not going to buy right now until you know your option, remember it is your money so never feel pressured in to any purchase.
  • Take the car for a test drive before you sign any paper work, you will be driving the car after the purchase so make sure it is suited to you.
  • Go through the cars documents to understand everything the manufacturer recommends.
  • Be clear what is under warranty and what is not, read through any paper work carefully as some companies will try to pass on responsibilities.

Find out if there any repairs that need to be carried out or any that may needed in the future such as clutches, gearbox timing belt and even a head gasket repair which will only cost you even more in the long run. Never choose vehicle just based on looks. It is not how you look that’s important but how the car will fulfil your requirements. Be practicle, do not buy a model because the dealer is offering some gimmick or a low interest scheme. Identify a vehicle that suits your needs before subjecting yourself to along contract.

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