Become A Stockist

If you are interested in become a stockist of Steel Seal simply fill in the below form and we will be straight back to you with all of the information that you need to get started. Or if you would prefer to call us to discuss this you can reach us on 855-771-1972

    Why selling steel seal could be your best idea yet...

    With so many head gasket repair products on the market why should you stock and sell Steel Seal and how does it benefit you?

    Steel Seal sells itself

    We are offering a £39.99 solution for a £1000 problem. Imagine buying a lottery ticket where you win 99% of the time and on the 1% you didn’t win, you had the price of the ticket back. That’s the proposition that Steel Seal offers.

    Changing Perspectives

    Whether it is the mechanic thinking Steel Seal takes away from their head gasket repair sales or the retail customer thinking Steel Seal is a ‘snake oil... We work with you to change their perspective.

    Steel Seal is the Premium Proposition

    Steel Seal is simply the best blown head gasket repair product on the market.

    Technical Support

    At Steel Seal will want you to understand the product as well as we do, so you can help the customer to the best standard possible. Not only do we offer a dedicated technical support team so your customers can contact us directly, but we will offer product training for you and your staff and are at hand whenever you need support.

    We sell for our brand partners

    We focus our marketing on pushing customers into their stores. We understand that the sell-though is more important than just putting Steel Seal on the shelf.

    Lifetime money back guarantee

    Steel Seal will refund your customer on your behalf so you never lose a sale. With a success rate of 99% the money back guarantee is rarely used but provides customers piece of mind when buying Steel Seal.