Why is my car overheating?

A vehicle may be struggling to regulate its running temperature for many reasons, mainly pointing to a lack of coolant, either through leakage or excessive coolant consumption through other means, both of which can be a noticeable sign of a blown head gasket.

How does a blown head gasket cause overheating?

The head gasket acts as a seal between the cooling system and the engine lubrication (oil) system within a typical engine, keeping the exhaust gasses, the coolant and the oil all separate.

When a head gasket blows, the seal is broken and two things can happen that can cause overheating: 1. Coolant can bleed into the oil system or the combustion chamber causing white steam from the exhaust and could make your car run out of coolant, which causes overheating, or 2. The exhaust gasses from the combustion chamber can escape into the cooling system creating significant back pressure which can cause damage to the cooling system which, in turn, creates leaks, wasting coolant and causing difficulty in engine temperature regulation

Why should I fix my blown head gasket?

An overheating vehicle is a constant fire hazard. So that’s not great, and you will want to get that fixed as soon as possible. The other risks are listed below.

Coolant Loss

Due to the excessive back pressure that can be caused by a blown head gasket, overheating may be caused by coolant loss. If this is not repaired at the source, the vehicle will continue to lose coolant which can become very expensive to replace continually, especially in the summer, and physically soul-destroying to do in the winter.

Loss of Compression

When the gasses escape the combustion chamber, the engine loses compression and becomes inefficient in the way it operates. For this reason, a vehicle with a blown head gasket can become sluggish and noisier than usual due to chemical imbalances. Eventually, the loss of compression can become so severe that the engine is unable to start, at which point a mechanical fix is the only way to get the vehicle back on the road.

My car is overheating: What should I do?

If your car is overheating, you must quickly take it to a mechanic who can properly diagnose the problem. If the cause is a blown head gasket, you may wish to research your repair options before going ahead.

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