AUTOMOTIVE BRANDS promote a product called Steel Seal

as a quick and easy fix for cylinder head gasket problems, for use as an alternative to an expensive repair.

Instead of a typical cost of around £1,500 to replace a blown head gasket by conventional means, Steel Seal is simply poured into the radiator of a cold engine, so that when the engine is started and reaches its operating temperature, the mixture is drawn into the damaged areas by

the extra heat, which then seals the cracks with an innovative thermo-chemical bonding process. Once the bonding process is complete the chemicals become inert, so there is no reaction when other products are added to the cooling system.

Steel Seal is designed to permanently seal blown head gaskets, warped heads and cracked engine blocks, and is claimed to be robust enough to withstand high temperatures and pressures. It will allow the motorist to continue driving and avoid large repair bills for a blown head gasket.

Because customers naturally have doubts about whether a product can really fix the head gasket through a simple ‘quick and easy” pour-in solution, when it can take a garage mechanic days to fix, the company has decided to step up the existing ‘no quibble money-back guarantee’ to an exceptional ‘lifetime money-back guarantee.’

Adam Weaver, Managing Director at Automotive Brands says ‘We have made our guarantee stronger, because we really believe in our product. Steel Seal is fantastic and has helped thousands of motorists fix their head gaskets over the years. We want people to be convinced of what this product is capable of and encourage buyers to feel totally confident when buying Steel Seal.’

Rachel Skal, Communications Manager, at Automotive Brands says

‘The benefits of offering an improved money back guarantee means it removes the barrier to buy our product, helps build trust and drives us to produce value.’

With a recommended retail price of £39.99, Steel Seal has been used all over the UK and Europe, with over 400,000 bottles sold, and it now features an eye-catching window display sticker to help promote the remarkable guarantee.

Steel Seal approved stockists are easily identifiable by the large window display sticker, designed to help make customers aware that Steel Seal is available in store.

All sales from the 1st of August 2015 are covered under the lifetime guarantee, any sales before this time will be covered under the original 30 day guarantee.